About the Company

Scientific-production enterprise «Select» was founded in 2007. The number of staff – 15 persons. Vast experience of working with relay protection units of the following producers:

  • Siemens,
  • EKRA,
  • ABB,
  • Schneider Electric.

And with SCADA systems of the following producers:

  • Siemens,
  • ABB.

Basic activities of our company are:

  • commissioning and servicing of protection and automation devices and SCADA systems;
  • designing software tool for commissioning and servicing testing of protection devices (SCAT);
  • designing software tool for calculating short-circuit currents in electric grid (SIMP);
  • designing relay protection projects for substations;
  • designing SCADA projects for power engineering and automation of industrial units;
  • designing protection device testing procedures and parameter adjustment rules.

On the basis of mutual agreement of 2008 scientific-production enterprise “Select” is a partner of SIEMENS Smart Grid Department. The scope of work performed by «Select» according to this agreement includes designing, manufacturing of relay protection cubicles, installation supervision and commissioning of SIPROTEC equipment, development of technical solutions for customers.


Our experience in commissioning

  • SS 220 kV «Podushkino» (Siprotec 4);
  • SS 330 kV «Volhov-Severnaya», the city of St. Petersburg (Siprotec 4(~150 devices.), SCADA SICAM PAS);
  • SS 500 kV «Enisey», the city of Krasnoyarsk (Siprotec 4);
  • SS 110 kV «Kotelnaya», the city of Kursk (EKRA protection equipment);
  • Sayano-Shushenskaya HPS ( Siprotec 4, Integration of EKRA protection devices into SCADA SICAM PAS);
  • Gas-turbine power station «Yuzhno-Priobskoye» Khanty-Mansiysk (Siprotec 4, including protections for generators)


Working on international projects:

  • Nevinnomysskaya State District Power Station(ENEL), Nevinnomyssk, Russia;
  • RusVinyl (Solvin), Kstovo, Russia;
  • SHAH GAS, Abu-Dhabi, UAE;
  • Praxair (PraxAir), Nizhniy Tagil, Russia;
  • The Bio-energetic company, Syktyvkar, Russia;

Our experience in the design

  • SIPROTEC protection devices testing procedures (parameters and logic testing procedures);
  • Protection tripping parameters adjustment rules for different manufacturers (Siemens, GE, AREVA, ABB, EKRA);
  • Designing typified relay protection cabinets on the basis of SIPROTEC 4 and SIPROTEC 5 devices for limited company Siemens, which allows:
    • to reduce the cost of the cabinets;
    • to save production time;
    • to simplify realization of the project;
    • to simplify commissioning and servicing.
SELWEST UG is our strategic partner
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