SIMP for relay protection


Simulation operation program for relay protection and automation (SIMP for relay protection) is a tool for effective maintenance and management of relay protection. The program allows you to calculate electrical parameters of any complexity in the steady mode and analyze relay protection operation when faults occur.
  • RMS values ​​of voltage and current, and their symmetrical components,
  • impedances (phase-to-phase and phase-to-zero) at any point in the network load conditions and injuries of the various types of damage and structures of networks.

SIMP allows you to select correct and concurrent protection settings, coordinate tripping characteristics in the network. It is an effective tool to control selectivity and sensitivity of protection devices when network diagram, fault location or fault type change

Composition and functionality

Graphic editor grid

Power system model

SIMP has a special graphic editor with user-friendly interface. With its help users can create models of a specific grid. The editor contains a library of ready-made models of generators, transformers, power lines, buses, circuit breakers and other elements of energy equipment. It also has a library of basic types of relays, which can be easily incorporated into the prepared power system model.
The program supports a variety of electromechanical, static and digital types of relays:Select the type of relay

  • definite time overcurrent protection (IT-directional or non-directional), up to 5 steps
  • definite time earth overcurrent protection (ITE – directional or non-directional), up to 5 steps;
  • • overcurrent time-lag IDMT (IA – directional or non-directional), with characteristics specified by IEC-255 standards of ANSI / IEEE;
  • overcurrent earth fault IDMT (IAE – directional or non-directional), complies with IEC-255-3, and ANSI / IEEE
  • distance protection against phase to phase faults (DS), can have up to 5 steps with a free choice of area characteristics:

Tripping characteristics of distance protection -          Circle,
-          A polygon (with up to 20 points of inflection),
-          Combined,
-          Directional

  • distance earth fault protection (DSE), includes up to five stages;
  • inverse current protection (I2T – directional or non-directional), includes up to 3 steps;
  • undervoltage protection (UT <- directional or non-directional), includes up to 3 steps;
  • • overvoltage protection (UT> – directional or non-directional), includes up to 3 steps.
  • Calculation of short-circuit parameters

Fault calculation

The program calculates the effective values of currents and voltages, and their symmetrical components, phase and earth resistance on all protection inputs in the under-load and emergency modes.
You can display the load and fault resistance on the RX chart and compare them with the characteristics of distance relays.Displaying of the short-Z-chart

Archive database

The user can create an archive database of the power system. For every structure this archive contains its configuration, settings for all elements of primary circuit and protection devices.
You can create multiple archives for different power systems.
Archive user configurable protections
To simplify the task of parameter setting and storing the program provides protection archive which contains user-specific protection options.

Imitation of relay protection operation

Protection operation in the power system (up to 200) is modeled in the under-load and emergency modes. The results are given in a table.
The table includes:Chronology of messages from relays

  • value of the input variable level that caused the message (impedance, voltage or current);
  • start and tripping signals;
  • response time.

This allows you to control selectivity, sensitivity and operation of protection devices and detect various errors/ inactions of relays.

Protection analysis in the selected area of power system

Analysis of the effects of protection in the selected area
The considered area of a power system is highlighted in the network configuration and you can set the desired fault types.
The program automatically checks all corresponding protection settings in the selected area for selectivity and sensitivity. A detailed protocol of relay operation is formed. In case of faulty operation you can get comprehensive data for complete analysis and correction of protection settings.

Protection accordance check

ЭThis program module checks for proper backup protection operation in a randomly selected circuit of the network configuration.Checking the consistency of backup protection

  • modeling of faults on all lines with a set step;
  • choice of fault location, fault type, fault arc resistance;
  • assessment of protection accordance in different program-allocated fault locations;
  • for all points on the diagram the program checks for accordance of all protections;
  • visualization of results of protection accordance check in a table;

Hardware and Software requirements

SIMP supports any WINDOWS operating system with INTEL compatible processor.


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